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Outdoor Fireplaces Fire Pits

Below are some of the best ideas for Outdoor Fireplaces: Fire Pits! Browse the many pictures and designs we have readily available to our visitors. Outdoor Fire Pits have always been a staple in the most prestigious landscapes. Whether they’re for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows or for burning unwanted shrubs from your recent landscaping job, a nice, well-built fire pit may be just what your back yard needs.

For centuries, people have utilized fire pits for many different kinds of uses and in many different fashions. Some are as simple as putting stones in a circle and burning wood in the middle. Others are as complex as building a false well from the ground, straight up. You can even make your own fire pits! Just stack some stones in a circle or throw some wood in a big metal bowl. Look over some of the pictures below and perhaps you’ll find the perfect Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits that you’re looking for.

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